Thank you to everyone who participated in our district communication survey. We received nearly 600 responses! We will be reviewing them in the coming weeks and look forward to using your feedback to guide our efforts to improve! :-)
Please select the option below that best represents your role with the Paradise Unified School District.

How long have you been involved the Paradise Unified School District as a student, staff member or community member?

How would you rate your knowledge of the following aspects of the Paradise Unified School District? (1=Not Very Knowledgeable, 5=Very Knowledgeable)

Our plans - For example, our LCAP process has led us to focus on increased STEM/Arts, supporting positive student behavior, and increase career pathways.

The 16 pathways in our high school - for example, medical & health, engineering, computer technology, vehicle maintenance, entrepreneurship, media.

Our Project Lead the Way (STEM) program that guarantees a spot for graduates at Chico State.

Our visual & performing arts programs - for example award winning HS band and choir, middle school band and choir, photography, fine arts and musical production.

The success of our students  - for example, the number taking college courses in high school, the number accepted to top universities, the number passing AP exams.

Our commitment to positive school environments - for example, positive behavior supports at all schools, a district-wide focus on security & safety, HS peer mentors and more than 30 clubs available to make student and school connections.

Our focus on a variety of learning options - for example the small learning communities at our middle schools that focus on science, project-based learning and team collaboration.

Please select each of the ways you have received information about Paradise USD schools:

Please rate the effectiveness of the communication tools in Paradise USD. Please skip the methods you haven't used.(1=Not Very Effective, 5=Very Effective)

District website

School website

Automated calls

School newsletters

Emails from school or district

District Facebook Page

School Facebook Page

District or Superintendent Twitter Account

Which best describes your impression of communications within the Paradise Unified School District?

What is the best thing about the Paradise Unified School District?

How would you improve communication in Paradise Unified School District?

Are there any specific communication tools you think we should be using or using more often?

Our district is in the process of reviewing our mission statement. Do you have any suggestions for key words or phrases that should be considered?

Are there any topics or issues we should be discussing more often?

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